We Are Like That Only – Understanding the Logic of Consumer India by Rama Bijapurkar is a highly analytical book about the Indian market, written by Rama Bijapurkar. The book deals with the structure of the Indian consumers, the reason behind why the Indian market is ‘like that only’ and what it takes to stay in the market. Thousands of International brands have come to the Indian market in a hope to find a billion-plus market. However, they have been faced by consumers who bargain for anything and everything. This market goes against the conventional perceptions of an emerging market. This leaves the seller with various questions about the Indian market. The answers to these questions can be found in this book. The book sheds light on the twelve key facets of the Indian consumer. It clearly explains the total earning of the Indians, and everything else about their consumption – choice, quantity, rate, and things that dictate their choices. Written with a powerful language, it presents sure-shot strategies to approach the Indian markets and the Indian consumers. This book helps the reader understand the market in a better way.Rama Bijapurkar is a famous and one of the most respected leaders of market strategy and Indian consumer behavior. She completed her MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and works as an Indian management and market research consultant. Her motto is to bring ‘market focus to business strategy’. With the same goal, she works with leading Indian and global companies to provide guidance for developing their business market-strategies. Her other famous books include, Customer in the Boardroom: Crafting Customer-Based Business Strategy, and Winning in the Indian Market: Understanding the Transformation of Consumer India.