Why do some people struggle financially while others become wealthy? What makes a good investment, a good investment? How long will it really take you to make your first $1,000,000 — and how will you do it?

Saving, Spending, Investing, Giving isn’t so much an investment book as it is a heart-felt financial intervention.

From the first page to the last, it’s as if Daniel Pecaut turned up at dinner and, like some long-lost kindly uncle, taken it upon himself to reveal to you one of life’s biggest secrets: How money works, and how you can quickly start using it to your advantage.

Hidden in the pages of this fascinating book is three generations of clear-sighted investment expertise. The advice is as relevant today as it was in 1925, when Daniel’s grandfather Russell Pecaut first started making strides in the stock market.

Today, Daniel’s message is clear: Optimize your thinking around money, and you can optimize your choices. Optimize your choices, and you optimize your life.

Saving, Spending, Investing, Giving is a book for anyone looking to control their financial life, but specifically it’s the book for you if you want to:

– Absorb the key concepts around money in an hour or two, and then use simple action steps to make sure your new strategies are operational the very next day.

– Make compound interest, opportunity cost, the Rule of 72, and dollar cost averaging work for you as you journey through the four levels of wealth building.

– Discover the three filters needed to develop the clear, logical, unemotional thinking at the heart of any great investor.

– Become a competent value investor, business analyst, or entrepreneurial investor capable of protecting and growing your money over time.

– Apply proper money management to get out of debt, gain control of your life, build positive wealth, and pursue a larger vision of your future.

Make no mistake: This book is a legacy.

Written for Daniel’s children, the roadmap is simple to understand, fast to apply, and more than capable of guiding you towards a positive financial future.