Thinking of starting up a business? Hoping it will succeed beyond your wildest dreams? You could start with advice from someone who knows. R.S. Agarwal, along with his friend R.S. Goenka, has built a business from scratch, failed, picked himself up and now heads Emami – a multinational brand Made in India. His wisdom on various business and personal aspects is distilled in an easy-to-read and insightful narrative about his life and business. It is a concise, compelling read for every entrepreneur, whether just starting out or well-established. Agarwal combines a pragmatic, down-to-earth approach to work and the rat race with a childlike wonder and the utopian daydreams of the eternal optimist. With rare sensitivity and humanity, good, old-fashioned ethics and cutting-edge technology, Agarwal has transformed a dream into the business giant it is today. This book tells the story of that odyssey with candour and sagacity. There are short stories that deliver home truths, snippets that delight and quotes that enlighten. The Emami Way is, in short, an MBA in an easy-to-understand handbook.