Ashish M.

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A student for life, Ashish is an entrepreneur, leader, reader, and a blogger with a passion for sharing insights across diverse domains such as business innovation, books and personal development. An engineer with MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai and an advanced management certification from IIM, Bangalore, Ashish takes keen interest in upgrading his professional knowledge regularly. His area of expertise includes, Business Management, Behavioural finance and social psychology.

During his career spanning over 25 years during which Ashish served at leadership positions across leading MNC organisations and has developed good insights into the world of management and leadership. A strong believer in jargon free management style, Ashish truly believes in the quote “Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication – Leonardo Da Vinci”.

Ashish is an avid reader with a penchant for biographies, business, health, history, investing, management, finance, psychology, and technology. His love for literature and learning extends beyond the wall of the boardroom, as he passionately shares his thoughts and insights through his blog, "Ashish Musings".

With a diverse background spanning various industries and a deep-rooted passion for knowledge sharing, Ashish's journey is an inspiring blend of professional achievements and personal growth. Whether delving into the intricacies of business innovation or immersing himself in the world of literature, Ashish approaches each endeavor with enthusiasm.

Join Ashish as he navigates the complexities of life, explores the depths of various subjects, and shares his unique perspective on the world around us. Through his blog, Ashish offers readers a glimpse into his multifaceted interests and invites them to join him on a journey of exploration and discovery. His writings cover a wide range of topics, reflecting his diverse interests and experiences. Connect with Ashish on LinkedIn to explore his insights and journey further: linkedin.com/in/ashish3642