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Importance and Practice of being Indistractable

A quick survey among my colleagues to discuss how focused they are at work and what distracts them listed the following sources of distractions.   Mobile phones  Cricket/election score/covid Score  Spouse’s phone (Add: Friends, Kids).   Colleagues / Managers / Customers / Vendors  Social Media  Emails  Too many open screens or windows! Past event / Future event/daydreaming It was also agreed by most that distraction is one of the biggest problems we are facing today, and it is leading to lower-quality output....

How much is enough

One of the recent trends I have observed in my close circles is that most discussions with old friends nowadays invariably lead to the topic of “How Much Is Enough?”  It could be a factor of our growing age and the realization that the desire to accumulate a fortune is less exciting now than in our younger days. COVID-induced uncertainties have probably accelerated such discussions. Whatever the reasons, let’s try to answer this question via this post. While watching a...

India: A story of progress & hope

Transformation of India from a resource-deficit country to a self-sufficient country and its potential to become a developed country! To cut the noise, let’s go through some decadal trends and their implications for future years! Funda1: Progress Comes in Layers! Funda2: Productivity improvement is a pre requisite to economic progress. In 1947, we became independent after being looted for more than 200 years. Our first priority was to get the basics in place. Our first few years of governance were...

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